A free life counter for your games.
Fantasy role names and a funny critical hits randomizer to avoid dice rolling.
Keep track of life totals for each character during the game.
Useful for trading card games like Magic: The Gathering.
Optimized for iOS13 and iPadOS with great animations.
No in-app purchases, all is free.

Be a RPG Character

Get a different role character in every game.
A randomizer will assign a classic RPG character to you and your opponent.
More than 140 different roles!

Be a

  • hero
  • pegasus
  • paladin
  • unicorn
  • skeleton
  • cleric
  • lion
  • angel
  • bodyguard
  • knight
  • elemental
  • doppelganger
  • wizard
  • phantasm
  • merfolk
  • djinn
  • efreet
  • wraith
  • demon
  • skeleton
  • ... and much much more!

Duel Randomizer

Forget to roll the dice.
Enjoy a conversational duel to decide the winner randomly.
A bunch of critical hits available!

Life Registration

Complete history of all life transactions in the current game.
Including the data/time they occurred.
Useful to settling disputes.

Color Customization

Customize each life counter's background with one of ten special lands gradient.
Dark Mode now available!


Optimized for iOS13 and iPadOS.
Beautiful SwiftUI graphics and animations.